Telekom Austria & A1 merging

The merging process of A1 and Telekom Austria was managed through several Intranet web sites developed by MontenaSoft. We have provided consultancy, support and maintenance.

Project Description 

Telekom Austria as the biggest Austrian provider of fix phone services and A1 as the biggest mobile telecommunication provider in Austria intensified the merging process to A1 Telekom Austria in 2010. By the start of 2010, those two companies have accounted together more than 11 thousand employees and several millions customers in Austria, as well representations in several European countries through ownerships over Telekom Austria Group, including Si.mobil Slovenia, Vipnet Croatia, Vip operator Macedonia, Vip mobile Serbia, Mobiltel Bulgaria and Velcom in Belarus.

The clear goal was set for the merging process: not only to become the biggest, but also the best telecommunication company in Austria. The merging process of that size brings of course tremendous opportunities, as well as potential challenges in communication of new company goals and visions. Together with several other public relations and marketing agencies, providers of visual design solutions and designated team of A1 Telekom Austria (“Change Ambassadors”), MontenaSoft developed an intranet platform whose purpose was to facilitate communication of management with employees.

The communication of merging process was accompanied by Discussion and Question/Answer tool developed by MontenaSoft. The Discussion web site basically gives opportunity to discuss merging strategy documents, with a model similar to Austrian Research Strategy. Question/Answer web site gives the employees the ability to communicate with Board of Director by asking questions, that will than be sorted out through voting and commenting activities and passed to Board of Director for creating an answer.

Besides business logic issues that included some interesting point of their own, the main concern was to assure the availability of the platform used by several thousands users at the same time and integration with LDAP and Single-Sing-On systems of Telekom Austria and A1. Fine grained security issues in regard to ever changing business logic and hardware issues were also a challenge, since the team in charge of covering merging was faced with response of employees’ community that exceeded their wildest expectations. The flexibility of Drupal has helped us on the way more then just once; we are very satisfied to report that we were capable of solving all support requests successfully under pressure of very short timeframes during the period of several months.


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