Kubuntu and Samba

Today I tried to connect my two boxes (one Windows XP and one Kubuntu) over Samba. Eh....

(Note that on same Kubuntu box I have also installed Windows, and sharing files and printers worked without any problems with two Windows machines).

I started "System settings" in Kubuntu and tried to start File sharing - error window popped up with a message saying that I do not have installed SMB and NFS. Well I know that SMB means Samba but I wonder how would some linux newbie would felt after reading this....
Anyway, I started Adept and installed Samba. Tried again and this time everything was OK - I shared couple of folders, clicked OK and tried following tests:
- First I tried to access from Kubuntu to Windows (and opposite verse) over Computer name, and that failed.
- Then I tried to access to other comp over IP, and here I had limited success; when tried to access kubuntu, Windows ask me for a username and pass - every combination failed: user accounts, root accounts... I also tried couple of suggestion from google and nothing worked.
Then when trying to access Windows from Kubuntu at first I thought it is working - I've got listed all shared hardisks and folders from my win box; but when I tried to access any win folder Kubuntu asked me for a username and pass, and again every combination of exiting win account/pwd failed. Except for default windows share folder: for some reason I was able to enter that folder from Kubuntu and even create subfolders in it, but when I finally tried to copy some files from Kubuntu I've got the time out error.

So after 1h I became really frustrated. I really do not want to know how to properly set samba config files - I am a programmer and desktop user not a linux admin, and even in situation I have some spare time I would certainly not spend it for reading samba documentation.

From user point of view I just can't understand why Kubuntu developers didn't properly implemented easy Samba GUI configuration. I am not 100% sure but I think that last year when I tried for a short period of time Ubuntu 6.10 Samba worked out of a box, but I hate Gnome so that is not solution for me.

Anyway this is a big Kubuntu minus for me. In fact, it is so big that I am thinking about to test a couple of other KDE distros. Why big minus? Well if Kubuntu was one man show (like Simple Mepis is for example) than I would say something like - hey OK, this distro is a one-man-development, he just can't implement every feature to be user friendly. BUT behind Kubuntu is Canonical and team of developers, and when distro is claiming that it is user friendly and desktop ready, and in the same time I need to call linux admin to set file/print sharing in my home something is not right here.

On the end I have to be fair to Kubuntu 7.10, except this Samba problem (and this is not a bug, it's just an easy to implement config feature - which is missing) and couple of more minor bugs, system is working very well. But this issue with Samba is very big for my workflow so it will maybe force me to try couple of others KDE distros, actually I have two in my mind:
- PCLinuxOS - it should be the most easiest user KDE distro on the market, and being first on distrowatch.com for more than a half year this is maybe true :)
- Pardus - rising star in linux distro scene, also claiming to be user friendly :)))
- And off course when Kubuntu 8.04 came to the light of a day I will certainly try it ;)

So when I found lsome time next week I will try this two distros and certainly write here how they managed Samba config over mouse click.

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