Drupal 6.0 hit the street :)

After one year of development Drupal 6.0 is finally here. There are many great new stuff in it such as:

  • Quick and easy setup
  • Drag-and-drop administration
  • Better language handling (among other things now it is also possible to translate javascript)
  • Actions and triggers for the custom work flow
  • Support for OpenID standard
  • Update status module
  • Theme engine greatly enhanced and easier and with update to latest jQuery
  • Granular permissions
  • Better security
  • Better polls
  • New menu system
  • Better file handling
  • Extended login - OS or database login
  • new Schema API for database
  • Batch API for very long operations
  • Scripting from command line
  • Improved forums
  • and many more....

With all this enchantments this release of Drupal will certainly help Drupal to retain position among best open source PHP CMS and frameworks.

Personally I am very excited to try new version on real projects and also can't wait 7.0 - it should finally bring to us simple wysiwyg editor, even better role system and views/cck support in the the core :)

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